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Monday, November 28, 2011

The Mummy_loves Daily

The Mummy_loves Daily

I just found a really great giveaway for pregnant, new or moms with little guys or girls. There are a lot of ways to enter and lots of great prizes. Check it out.

Win a Baby’s First Calendar – RRP £15.00

Babys First Calendar in a Baby's NurseryQuickly and Easily record all the big milestones and special moments throughout your Baby’s First Year in one place. Baby’s First Calendar includes a milestone chart, date and milestone stickers, a room thermometer and more – click here for full details and demo video

If you buy a Baby’s First Calendar between now and the closing date and you are the winner we will refund your purchase price – or take another Baby’s First Calendar, it’s up to you!

Win a Snoozeshade – RRP £19.99

SnoozeshadeSnoozeShade Original is a unique blackout blind for prams, carrycots, pushchairs and buggies. This innovative baby sleep product was created by a British mother specifically to help babies and toddlers sleep for as long as needed in a pram or pushchair.

Snoozeshade Website | Follow @Snoozeshade on Twitter | Snoozeshade on Facebook

Win an Ava Black by Mia Tui – RRP £49.99

Ava Black by Mia TuiAva is a medium sized, stylish tote that is perfect for the woman who’s dashing out for a quick bite with the kids, headed to the office or simply a day shopping or with friends.

Mia Tui Website | Follow @MiaTuiBags on Twitter | Mia Tui on Facebook

Win Ewan the Dream Sheep by easidream – RRP £29.99

Ewan the Dream Sheepewan the dream sheep™ is a very soft cuddly toy with light and sound features (including actual womb and heartbeat recordings) that calms babies and toddlers and lulls them into a peaceful slumber. Apart from being simply the cutest sheep on the block, ewan™ makes a perfect new baby gift.

easidream® Website | Follow @easidream on Twitter

Win a Safe Dreams Cot Wrap® – RRP £29.99

Safe Dreams Cot Wrap

We at Baby’s First Calendar Ltd do NOT agree with traditional cot bumpers for safety reasons. The Safe Dreams Cot Wrap is the perfect alternative.Easy to breathe through and maximises airflow, No dangerous ties or strings, Keeps all four sides of the cot covered, Padded to protect against knocks and bumps.

Made from beautiful Softbreathe™ fabric with an inner surface of 100% cotton, the Cot Wrap® bumper will ensure a better nights sleep for everyone!

Safe Dreams Website | Follow @SafeDreams On Twitter | Safe Dreams on Facebook

Win Goodbye Pert Breasts – The Diary of a Newborn Dad by Ben Wakeling – RRP £8.99

Goodbye Pert BreastsThis book is hilarious – I was in hysterics, you will love it!

“Funny…a no-holds-barred account of what it’s really like to be a parent!” – Prima Baby Magazine

“Personal, witty and reassuring!” – Pregnancy & Birth Magazine

“Ben keeps us laughing…it’s a wonderful take on pregnancy from the eyes of the father and a great read for expectant parents and long-time parents.” – The Good Men Project

Goodbye Pert Breasts Website | Follow @BenWakeling on Twitter | Visit Goodbye Pert Breasts on Facebook

Win Diary of a Sleep Deprived Mum from Magic Blackout Blind – RRP £9.99

Diary of a Sleep Depraved MumDiary of a Sleep Deprived Mum is written by a mum, inspired by mums and aimed at every parent suffering at the sharp end of sleep deprivation! Deliberately non-preachy, it is an hilarious combination of information, anecdotes, advice and tips for attaining every parent’s ultimate goal – getting more sleep!

Magic Blackout Blind Website | Visit Diary of a Sleep Deprived Mum on Facebook

Win a Nursing Tee of your Choice in Your Size from Mama Feels Good Nursing TeeThe best thing about breast feeding T-shirts from is that unless you tell people no one will know they are nursing tops ! Mama Feels Good produce funky, original breast feeding clothes which will make you feel and look good. All Mama Feels Good breastfeeding T-shirts are made from high quality cotton, and made to not only look good but wash well.

Mama Feels Good Website | Follow @MamaFeelsGood on Twitter | Visit Mama Feels Good on Facebook

Win a Childs Rocket Man Boing T-Shirt From Milk & Cereal – RRP £11.99

Rocket Man Boing Tee from Milk & CerealAll of the hand printed T-Shirts from Milk & Cereal are sourced from organic cotton, healthier for your child’s skin and better for the environment.

Milk & Cereal are a fresh and funky childrens clothing brand from Bristol – legendary for it’s many talented graffiti artists (anyone heard of our mate Banksy? – DM). Many of the unique tee’s in the Milk & Cereal collection are designed by graffiti artists and offer childrens clothes that are fun, comfortable – and don’t cost the earth!

Milk & Cereal Website | Follow Milk & Cereal on Twitter | Visit Milk & Cereal on Facebook

Win a My Buggy Buddy Clip – RRP £8.99

My Buggy Buddy ClipThe My Buggy Buddy Clip allows parents to carry bags on their prams safely and securely. It simply snaps on to the pram handle and is held in place using a metal clip.
Multiple bags including shopping bags, changing bags and your Mia Tui Ava Bag (!) can be strung onto the loop before the clip is locked back in place, putting an end to the frustrating and potentially dangerous practice of steering prams with one hand while holding bags with another.

My Buggy Buddy Website | Follow My Buggy Buddy on Twitter | Visit My Buggy Buddy On Facebook

Closing Date – Sunday 29th January 2012 at 10pm

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Momma Told Me: Make Way For Baby: Oh Katy Pocket Diapers, Giveaway and Review~ 9/29

Momma Told Me: Make Way For Baby: Oh Katy Pocket Diapers, Giveaway and Review~ 9/29

I love the way Oh Katy diapers look, the rainbow of colors and the pocket in the front. I can't wait to try this brand, I have heard great things about them. I like the Froggy color the best.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our Whiskey Lullaby: Barista Review and Giveaway

Our Whiskey Lullaby: Barista Review and Giveaway

I found a great giveaway today. This is the first time I have visited this blog and I am glad I found it.

She has a giveaway every day! The link above is for the Barista Giveaway, beauty products made from coffee. Now, I am a huge coffee fan and I use my coffee grounds to keep smells out of my fridge and to put around plants outside. I just recently found out that you can use coffee to make beauty products and I have a coffee eye cream (from a different co.) that I love. I hope I win this giveaway, then I can try out even more coffee products.